Monday, July 3

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a

No, I never wonder what heaven is like. I guess until I get there, I don't care. To be arrogant, I've got better things to do. I do wonder a lot about what the Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven is about (which are equivalent, thank you Greek 101). Honestly, sometimes that consumes my life. Jesus seemed to care a lot about the Kingdom of Heaven, and very little of this Heaven itself, if he even thinks it exists. "The Kingdom of God is within you." Or, Thomas records the same dialogue as, "The Kingdom of God is spread upon the earth, and people don't see it."

But I suppose I don't think it will be that magnificient. I don't think we'll all have super powers or sit around having picnics and petting lions all day. I'm not even sure it will be 'perfect' in the way we think of. God speaks of transforming hearts and actions, not situations so much. I suspect we'll still have to deal with global warming and relatives we're not thrilled about - we'll just be better at it.

But I'm soure a lot of conservatives would just say I'm falling down the slippery slope because I'm modeling what I can't see after what I can see. Then some day I will stop beleiving in an afterlife altogether. Maybe. Time will tell.

But mostly I think heaven's a crock belief to make Christians feel better. "Don't worry, Grandma's with Jesus now." What bull. That's far from Jesus' "Do not mourn the dead. Let the dead bury the dead." And heaven's a crock to make non-Christians feel worse. "Do you know where you're going after you die?" Compare with Jesus' style of 'take it or leave it.' Jesus spoke as if choosing to follow him was the hardest thing you'll ever do. We speak as if it's the easiest thing we can do. Well, I'd better stop before I rant.

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