Monday, September 25

America's Penis

"The World Trade Center was America's financial penis and Al Quaida had no problem emasculating us." -Patrick

Thursday, September 14

Every day I get a little closer to becoming Amish. Well, a Feminist, vegan, techie Amish, but I could sacrafice.

The interface on Mac's is certainly ten times better than Windows, but I think Linux might beat them both. Just try telling me this video isn't amazing! Of course, most of the ideas were stolen from Mac OSX, but still.

Sunday, September 10

I Know Reality

Oh, so funny thing. Last night my friend Sarah, seeking to baffle me with an unanswerable question, asked, "What is real?"

Food lately

Mmm, I ate that tonight. Asparagus, tomatoes, squash, and green beans in miso broth. I'm really missing tomatillos, though. They would have perfected the meal. I realized as I cooked that over the summer I actually used tomatillos every time I made soup. When I visit Chicago I'll have to stock up.

Amanda was in my apartment at five this morning and decided to make soup too. That was pretty wierd.

I ate Taco Bell yesterday. It was the first time I had any processed food in a week and my stomach hated me for it. I think my body is finally realized what actual healthy food tastes like and its getting spoiled. I've even stopped craving chocolate.

Friday, September 8

Reality Is

A couple months ago someone asked me what is real and I confess I had no idea. Certainly it can't be bound to what is physical, because our emotions are real. It's not significance, because many things exist that I don't care or even know about. I realized last night, though. Reality is where God is.

Therefore - if hell is truly the absence of God, then . . .

Wednesday, September 6

1.0 Launch

Well, I've moved from Xanga to blogger and am more or less deciding to continue blogging on into the semester. The JBJ Blog 1.0 launch, if you will. I've tried twice before and quit after a couple entries. The decisive difference is that I've realized that I don't have to update every day - or month - and still feel succesful with it. I got frustrated with the lack of options on Xanga, and Blogger lets you create as much side content as you want. And with no advertisements! You also don't have to be a member to leave comments.

I had a long theology talk with Patrick today. About 3 hours. Patrick is going with me to Egypt, my CSO (night patrol) partner, and just happens to be one of my favorite people on campus. He told me I was the person he felt most comfortable with expressing non-traditional ideas. That felt good. Possibly that felt better than if someone told me I had the best ideas of my own.

On the nerdy side, I'm pretty excited about the Apple announcements next week. It might be the ushering of an online movie store (one that actually works) or the legendary iPhone. Nevertheless, Apple has never failed to surprise and impress. Currently, my MacBook is here. Poor, lil' guy. I'm still trying to think of a name for it. Let me know if you have an idea. My Linux box is Tarpit and my iPod is Rubato.

Sunday, September 3

Too Smart

So I haven't used MySpace because whenever I log in the "add to friends" link is invisible. Missing that one link makes the whole site worthless. Today I set on trying to fix the problem. After months of searching through foreign lands, warding off magical foes, and rescuing 3 and half princesses, I found the culprit:

a:link[href*=".ad"] img,

It's actually a well meaning piece of code in Firefox that eliminates any links that take you to any ad(vertisement). The problem was "ad" is too close to "add." Because it's code I put into my own Firefox profile a couple years ago, it only affected me. And, I'm so tech savvy that I've been using the same profile for those couple years on every computer I ever tried myspace on (which is about 8 computers). Thus, I'm too smart for my own good. If you'd like to harnass the power of blocking ads (without killing myspace), try these links
You can also now find me on myspace here: but I don't intend to use it for anything besides finding people.