Thursday, September 14

Every day I get a little closer to becoming Amish. Well, a Feminist, vegan, techie Amish, but I could sacrafice.

The interface on Mac's is certainly ten times better than Windows, but I think Linux might beat them both. Just try telling me this video isn't amazing! Of course, most of the ideas were stolen from Mac OSX, but still.


Erin said...

You make me smile my JBJ. You do. It is a huge part of why making the choice to love you is so easy. *smile*

I think I could get used to a horse instead of a car (or motorcycle for you).

Becca said... i guess i'm replying to your xanga comments on here? :) as far as g-ville, i'm heading up next friday afternoon till monday we'll have to hang out:)
and is doesn't matter where you find a good quote if it's true and good advice;)

Meagan said...

Make the Mac switch- totally worth it!