Thursday, August 17


Of all things, I got inspired today cleaning the pool at work and did some amateur photography in the pool and shower. It kept me well entertained for a good two hours until my batteries died. And most conviently, I had no work to do except make some strides in Walden. There were also no people to get in my way or ask me why I was so strange. (It's hard to imagine anyone at work having any appreciate for art, especially on a construction site.)

I've started posting the photos at my gallery:

I was initially most fascinated the decrepidation that contrasts with the typically euphoric ambience that pools inspire. I tried to get some capture images that would conjure thoughts and memories of classic "pool time fun" but that was much harder than I thought: Apparently the main imagery of a pool is water. Mostly I contented myself with the cool fish on the walls. The reflection of the flash on the dust is unworldly! though sometimes so strong that it blocks the rest of the shot. The lifeguard office contained a majestic area to play with lighting that I'm still exploring. I'd appreciate anyone's opinions on my work thus far.

Google's free Picasa software is great for basic editing, but for the first time in a long time I wanted to get hardcore. I pulled out my never before used copy of Photoshop. It's actually older (version 7) than what I had gotten spoiled with (Elements 3). I got frustrated with the missing features, mostly "little" things like cropping options and the selection brush. I don't mind learning new software, but learning outdated software? That's silly. If I keep up passionately editing photos, I may justify buying Photoshop. Or it's another reason to buy a Mac because iPhoto is supposed to be fabulous.

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