Friday, September 8

Reality Is

A couple months ago someone asked me what is real and I confess I had no idea. Certainly it can't be bound to what is physical, because our emotions are real. It's not significance, because many things exist that I don't care or even know about. I realized last night, though. Reality is where God is.

Therefore - if hell is truly the absence of God, then . . .

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Sam Grimm said...

dude! I miss our hoboing so much :)
Next time you should wonder on down to Brazil, I'll meet you at the border!

I hope you're doing ok, haven't heard from you in a while. Rachel Boyce asked me a while back if she could give you my e-mail address but she didn't give me yours. (slightly confusing)

drop by the fotolog one of these days, or add me on the msn messenger list
I miss you man!

Take care!