Sunday, September 3

Too Smart

So I haven't used MySpace because whenever I log in the "add to friends" link is invisible. Missing that one link makes the whole site worthless. Today I set on trying to fix the problem. After months of searching through foreign lands, warding off magical foes, and rescuing 3 and half princesses, I found the culprit:

a:link[href*=".ad"] img,

It's actually a well meaning piece of code in Firefox that eliminates any links that take you to any ad(vertisement). The problem was "ad" is too close to "add." Because it's code I put into my own Firefox profile a couple years ago, it only affected me. And, I'm so tech savvy that I've been using the same profile for those couple years on every computer I ever tried myspace on (which is about 8 computers). Thus, I'm too smart for my own good. If you'd like to harnass the power of blocking ads (without killing myspace), try these links
You can also now find me on myspace here: but I don't intend to use it for anything besides finding people.

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