Wednesday, October 4


Here's a random observation I just had: fetuses aren't treated like human beings, even by Christians. I remember multiple times when someone would state the number of people in a room when a pregnant woman was included but her child was not. Similarly, have you ever heard of a funeral for a fetus after a miscarrage? Why not, if it is as much a person as you or me? And why don't they have names? When parents already know the child's sex and have decided a name, they still use the language of "her name will be so and so." There's also the language of "I'm going to be a mother/father." There's also the fact that we count age by birth, not conception, though I'd blame that on tradition and usually not knowing the date of conception and wanting a "birth"day. There's also the legal element: fetuses aren't filed on tax returns. I'm not making some pro-choice arguement; I'm just stating an observation that we despite what we believe, we don't treat unborn children like "real" children.

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Erin said...

Dearest JBJ,

I loved your insight on this subject. When I read what you have written it helps me to remember that other people (even people I love a great deal) see and ponder things around them much more than the average person. This makes me happy.

I have known a couple women in my life that have miscarried their babies. I don't know how else to state that in those words it makes it sound purposeful and harsh. All I'm wishing to do is state the situation of the women I have known in the situation which you are talking about.

My freshman year my Aunt Joy lost her third child. She was so far along in the pregancy that she had to go through labor with no living child after all the pain and effort. I can't begin to imagine the pain and sorrow her whole family went through. All I know is that as part of therapy couples are now encouraged to name the child and have some kind of memorial or funeral service. Maybe one day people will come around and take to treating the un-born as people and human beings on their own before birth. I hope, if I birth my own children, that as a pregnant mother I would treat the child in my womb as it's own person before birth.

That is all.