Monday, October 9

Trailblazing technology

So I'm rather ashamed to say I've had my Mac for about three weeks and I just now installed a word processor. I used writely quite a bit which is amazing, but I realized it's not a replacement for normal word processing. I'm personally boycotting Microsoft which means using OpenOffice. It's perfect except that it's not obvious how to install it on a Mac. That's a first. Still, it's worth saving the $150 or so from Microsoft Office.

By the way, I just realized that operating systems seem obsessed with the letter X:
Window XP
Mac OS X
Linux's GUI is called X
Running Unix GUI apps (like OpenOffice) on Mac OSX uses X11

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Meagan said...

I bought Mac Office for mine so I could open attachments from work without losing information, but the computer runs sooooo slow while word is open. Good luck with the alternative!