Thursday, October 11

Trans Right in IL schools

Yesterday the Illinois congress passed a bipartisan override of the governor's veto to a bill ensuring the rights of gender identity and sexual orientation are consistent in high schools. 2006 legislation forbids discrimination on the basis of gender identity in public venues in the state, but the status of high schools was an ambiguous area. Among a few other things are the right to create LGBT extra-curricular activities with the same rights as other extra curriculars, freedom to express pro-LGBT views in speech and text, and the right for a queer student not to receive insults and threats and protection from threats. You'd think the last one wouldn't need a specific adjustment to the law, but that's the sad state of our bigotry.

This is very good news for trans students. Apparently Illinois is the first state to do this explicitly making us very progressive. Another score for my home state's midwestern identity confusion.

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