Sunday, December 9


For the second or third time I'm trying to make a queer shirt. The first time I wanted to make a shirt that just said "Queer". To my delight tonight, I found someone already made it:

I also like the idea on this shirt (tho I would have executed it much differently):

This time I wanted to make something that was strange and mysterious enough to start a conversation with someone and that expresses an idea both profound and important to me. I decided on the phrase, "God is Transgender." It's simple which is always nice and only edgy after you understand it, hopefully to not be too offensive. But a little, Yes. I'm frustrated with the font; I had difficulty finding a typeface both queer and serious.

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Jonah said...

That's great! Where are you buying it from- or are you setting it and printing it yourself?
I'm not sure it would spark all that much conversation though- it's sort of self evident.