Friday, February 22

Another ChristToday mistake

A missed an erroneous in the Christianity today article.

"There are six levels of GID according to what is known as the Harry Benjamin Scale. The occasional cross-dresser is stage one; someone who has had a surgical procedure, such as a vaginectomy or penectomy, has completed the final step."

There's a great difference between a "level" and a "step" or "stage" and I believe Benjamin uses the terminology "type." Christianity Today makes it sound as if there is a chronology present, as if cross dressors can evolve into transexuals. However, the Benjamin scales addresses types of people, not stages of their transition from one sex or gender to another. To my knowledge, there is very little true movement between trans types, Ben. Scale types or otherwise. There are fluxuations, just as with cisgender people. And some trans people change identities entirely, but always because of further introspection. For instance, I didn't id as intergendered and until I was internally motivated to sit down and figure out of my funny feelings.

Second mistake. The sixth (and fifth) type requires a request for a penectomy but doesn't neceessarily happen. The Benjamin Scale was created using almost only biologically male participants, thus it says nothing about FtM surgery. Neither does CT reflect the real world. Many trans people finish transitioning without any surgery or without a vaginectomy or penectomy.

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