Monday, April 7

Traveling preparation

I started getting ready for traveling to Greenville tonight. Even my plannings must be queer. It first consisted of caching maps in Google Earth. You just never know whether or not you'll need some satellite imagery. Only later did I think to look up directions. I started picking out clothes, but that got confusing. I've felt like a boy today, which was confusing enough, so I kind of loss my sense of what I'll want to wear. I hope that doesn't last long - I only have a couple days in Greenville and if I was a boy the whole time I'll feel I'm not making the most of it.

Then I thought, 'I need some traveling music.' I remembered most of my GC collection had been lost in the great rm -R * disaster of senior year with just Augustana, For All the Drifters, and BDA. I was honestly surprised I haven't rm -Red BDA on purpose, but I was actually grateful to see it. Big cheers to Angelface, Nova Child, and especially Pedalboy for putting their music online and big jeers to Blackboard Records for not even having a website at all. I've reached 525 MB which is far more than I hoped. So then I started gushing seeing old pictures of Katelin, Luke and other old friends. I'm stoked to see Katelin.

Then I found some stuff on a ... err, other ... err, person. While I always feel queer, seeing my own queerness in the face of someone else is another sensation entirely. Like being your own subject. I never figured out if gushing about my namesake was appropriate or not. Actually I think I did, but it's been so long I forgot. Actually I didn't forget, I'm just being conservative. I think I'm too conservative with relationships. I'd certainly be less nervous about this trip if I wasn't so. Part of my conservatism is a hestitancy to be too queer in front of others. Goodnight,

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