Monday, May 5

The Emperor's New Gender-Clothes

I read an interesting analogy of how trans people trying to pass are like the delusional Emperor walking around naked expecting everyone to follow his delusion. That's a faulty but very interesting comparison.

The essence of this myth is that people will believe anything to avoid the shame of their peers. If you're noble, you'll see the clothes. Or, if you're tolerant, you'll see my sex. The problem with the original comparison is the classic confusion between sex and gender. The only people showing off their sex is your lover, nudists, and the occasional female celeb craving attention. The gender analogy should be, if you're a man or a woman, you'll see my sex.

Combining sex and gender, the gender-trickster, tells us to dress up in the sex (female or male, vagina or penis) it has prepared for us. Hike up your dress, prop up your breasts, attach some earings so that everyone can appreciate your beautiful vagina. Put on your suit, your loafers, cut your hair short, and don't forget your phallic tie; everyone will see your penis. Our common sense might say, "If I wear clothes, how will people see through to my sex?" "No," the trickster says, "your clothes, your gender, that is your sex. Everyone knows that. Well, every woman and every man knows that. You are a real woman or man!?" "Of course!" We reply and tremble at having our sex challenged for only a moment and that's the last we hear of our common sense.

Then we got waltz around in our in gender-clothes acting as if all the while we are showing off our genitals to the world. "Do you like my shoes? Aren't they feminine? I mean, vulva-like?" And not only does no one say anything, they join the march of our delusion. "Yes! The heel looks just like a clitoris!" For we are all emperors desperately afraid of losing the majesty bestowed by each other that hangs by the thread of our gender-clothes. Nobody gets anywhere in this world without a gender. So we pretend gender doesn't matter, it's invisible, it's equivalent to our sex.

Children have the advantage of innocence and ignorance from trickster and they can see what everyone else is afraid of seeing. When a girl hates to wear dresses or a boy loves pink it's because they haven't learned the important of gender-clothes yet. Their disadvantage is that adults don't believe them. Here's the kicker; what Hans Christian Anderson had the guts to say but we often don't tell our children: the Emperor always keeps walking and the trickster isn't punished. I've seen it occasionally when a child like myself is able to break someone out of their gender for a moment; but the pressure of a thousand emperors is too great and they always jump back into the parade.

So whenever you see someone walking around with the standard gender-defender uniform, especially the wannabe women swinging their hips and propping their bosoms and the wannabe men spreading their legs wide to invite your gaze to their crotch, realize they're nudists hoping their gender-clothes are invisible to you.

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