Wednesday, July 2

10 Ecelectic Facts in My Life

  • I'm officially glad summer's here this week but I was disappointed this evening to see the days are already noticeably shorter.

  • Changing bike tubes make me feel inadequate.

  • On a Mac you can make a PDF your wallpaper without any steps. It came in handy.

  • Gonzo is neither male nor female but a "whatever" (as shown in Gonzo's choice of bathrooms) now becoming my favorite muppet behind Statler and Waldorf.

  • I miss Erin Watson.

  • The advantage of bad memory is that when you experience old media again after some years, you get all the surprises and fascination you had experiencing it originally.

  • I now believe Mary is a perpetual virgin. My belief is entirely based on community, tradition, and myth and not at all on Scripture, Creation, or what I grew up and surprisingly little Reason. All of that is evolution.

  • Autistic people can be fascinating.

  • Echoing ancient sentiment of their ancestors, Columbia's court made a decision officially declaring that trans people "a source of invaluable social wealth" and "It is our duty, to listen to these people, to learn to live with them and to learn from them." I concur.

  • I love the old Batman cartoons. I'm looking forward to the new film, but the character of The Joker in the cartoons will be difficult to match.

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